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Zeke | R: 3
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Steam Twist | R: 0
Message in a bottle thread.
Anonymous | R: 3
Testing how posting ~ ~ f e e l s ~ ~

t. laincha
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Anonymous | R: 2
tbh why cant we have yotsuba B as a style optio
Anonymous | R: 1
Yes hello this /fam/ speaking
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Anonymous | R: 2
i said its not like i can dump porn. I can post images lol. Nor do i even have any porn to dump. I just want Zeke to love me ;D
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Anonymous | R: 1
eason I joined getchan was because leftist stuff.... is go chan keeping the flow?
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Anonymous | R: 0
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Anonymous | R: 0
Ok, thanks for respons
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Anonymous | R: 3
So I heard the USSC was moving here, are there any veterans of the /int/ uprising? I want to speak to the revolutionary heroes.
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Anonymous | R: 0
Zeke Roa | R: 1
Did someone forget to pay the bills?
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Anonymous | R: 0
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Anonymous | R: 1
Live Gochaaaaaaaaaa
Zeke Roas sentient laptop | R: 0
Note to self (and pretty much anyone else who might be having issues) for the time being, if you're having issues posting from gochan.org, use gochan.lunachan.net.
Zeke Roa | R: 6
Testing posting with elinks (command line browser)
Zeke Roa& | R: 12
We're pretty much done with your shit, Pipes. As soon as banning works (it's like 3-4 lines away), you're going to be the first to go.
Xexizy | R: 6
just leik use lynxchan.
Anonymous | R: 1
posting on hl3cha
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Anonymous | R: 0
Anonymous | R: 0
I didn't even look at the thumbnail tbqh.
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bleh | R: 0
dice it splice it
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bleh | R: 0
dice it splice it
Spike | R: 17
Please post more everyone, we must test Gochan more!
Anonymous | R: 1
wtf I love golang
Flower | R: 2
Hi, Zeke! Does GO run directly as a CGI script? Is it better than PHP?

Looks cool, anyway.
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Anonymous | R: 6
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Zeke Roa | R: 1
こんいちは。 (does Japanese text work with Gochan?)
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Anonymous | R: 12
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Anonymous | R: 10
why is this a thing?
Zeke Roa | R: 2

Press F to pay your respects.

Zeke Roa | R: 0
Sorry for the lack of development progress, I've been having issues with vagrant and VirtualBox not playing nicely in Linux, and Hyper-V fucking up VT-x (virtualization funstuff) in Windows. Now that I've reinstalled Windows (I hope you fuckers are happy, I did this for you), I'm getting the same error in Windows that I'm getting in Linux because of a VirtualBox update. According to the developers, it should be fixed in a week or so, then we can get back on track.

pic unrelated
Starshine | R: 69
I'm going to post here, because why not.
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Anonymous | R: 0
Zeke Roa | R: 13
Shitposting from Windows ME!
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gattaca | R: 13
The twins of Mammon quarrelled. Their warring plunged the world into a new darkness, and the beast abhorred the darkness. So it began to move swiftly, and grew more powerful, and went forth and multiplied. And the beasts brought fire and light to the darkness.
da bets | R: 1
Guess what children! Assuming I didn\'t break something, cookies should actually save correctly now, and non-ASCII characters in your tripcode should work!
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Anonymous | R: 1

<img src=x onerror=alert(123) />
< / script >< script >alert(123)< / script >
Zeke Roa | R: 15
Ready go
Zeke Roa | R: 2
bold text
italicized text
underlined text
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Anonymous | R: 0
Not banned
Zeke Roa | R: 15
The settings lightbox actually does stuff now, including theme switching (though there are only a couple), and as you can see it has a mostly functional QR box. It even uses AJAX to submit posts, but since thread updating hasn't been implemented yet, I'm probably just going to temporarily comment out the AJAX code.
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Anonymous | R: 1
Cato | R: 1
What happens when there is an episode 4?
Mikie | R: 11
whoever made that pipes theme deserves an award

it looks fantastic!
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Lou Skunt | R: 3
Hi! I see you have done lots of work on GoChan- its really nice. All the new chans are too complicated with 100000 unwanted and unused options. GoChan is simple, not overly complicated for the user which is awesome.
SO- I am looking to switch from lynxchan to gochan. I can make any type of server on digital ocean hosting. I have never used golang yet- can you say what type of server would be best to start, and then how to install GoChan on it?
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Anonymous | R: 0
Mk17 | R: 0
I've decided to make a post on gochan this day, 8 Dec, 2019.