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Hi! I see you have done lots of work on GoChan- its really nice. All the new chans are too complicated with 100000 unwanted and unused options. GoChan is simple, not overly complicated for the user which is awesome.
SO- I am looking to switch from lynxchan to gochan. I can make any type of server on digital ocean hosting. I have never used golang yet- can you say what type of server would be best to start, and then how to install GoChan on it?
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If you already have a server, that should be good enough. Gochan doesn't really require a whole lot, and since it's a native executable (plus templates and static served files) you don't need to have PHP or ImageMagick/gd installed like most other imageboards. You only need to install Go(lang) if you're going to be building it from source, as with any other compiled program.
The latest release requires MySQL but the latest commit to the GitHub repo added support for PostgreSQL and SQLite. I'm currently creating a new build script to handle some of the changes so if you are going to switch, I'd wait for the 2.8 release. I should be able to finish it today.
Unfortunately, I don't have a way for you to "translate" your lynxchan database schema to a gochan compatible one so you'll be effectively starting from scratch.

For installation, it's fairly simple. At the moment it requires that you have a SQL user and database ready (unless you're using SQLite, in which case you just need to specify where the database file should go).
Then copy or move gochan.example.json to gochan.json. if you're using MySQL, set "DBtype" to "mysql" in gochan.json. If you're using PostgreSQL, set it to "postgresql", or if you're using SQLite, set it to "sqlite3".
If you're using MySQL or PostgreSQL and are connecting to your SQL server via a URL, set "DBhost" to (for example), "tcp(". If you're connecting through a UNIX socket, set it to (for example) "unix(/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock)". Or if you're using SQLite, just set it to the path of the database file. If it doesn't already exist, it will be created when gochan is first run.

When you first start gochan, it will create an admin user and a /test/ board. From there, you can create new boards at http://yoursite.com/manage?action=boards and new staff members at http://yoursite.com/manage?action=staff
For security reasons, you should probably create a new administrator account and delete the default one.
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Ugh... i could not figure it out. Any chance you could make an install tutorial for dummies? It would help people new to Go like me. I would pay you whatever you want to make the tutorial.
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Sorry you're having trouble. I've been meaning to write a full installation tutorial and/or installation script to make it easier. You normally shouldn't need to install Go unless you want to contribute to development, and if you're unfamiliar with Go, you probably won't be able to get much done.
How far did you get, and what error(s) are you seeing?

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whoever made that pipes theme deserves an award

it looks fantastic!
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What is this place?
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File: 156067643710.jpg - (0.36 MB , 1280x720, Wheatley_E3_2010.jpg)
This is our test site for the Gochan imageboard software
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Hi Mint horse, what have you been up to?

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What happens when there is an episode 4?
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Well since Valve still hasn't done a 3, I think that is a very remote concern.

But maybe the board can just stick around for the memories of joking about 3, if and when Valve releases a 3.

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The settings lightbox actually does stuff now, including theme switching (though there are only a couple), and as you can see it has a mostly functional QR box. It even uses AJAX to submit posts, but since thread updating hasn't been implemented yet, I'm probably just going to temporarily comment out the AJAX code.
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You got a face on your cup :D
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Merry Christmas!
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File: 154604941011.jpg - (0.22 MB , 961x503, focused_writing.jpg)
In the future, these images should have working thumbnails, the thumbnailing code copied the original extension for the file saved, but then tries to use it with lower case, now the code properly ensures the thumbnail file is lower case.

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Not banned

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bold text
italicized text
underlined text
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Oh snap, I forgot, I was going to have hyperlinks open a new tab if they pointed to an external site. Oops.
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Unrelated but I think post editing will likely come very soon. Who knows?

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Ready go
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ffmpeg -i <image> -i <audio> -b:a 96k -acodec libopus -vcodec vp8 -b:v 250k output.webm

should work
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That's close to what I did, I just didn't specify an audio codec.
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File: 151831155512.jpg - (10.2 KB , 249x250, thumbs up.jpg)
And now they are working! Yay!

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<img src=x onerror=alert(123) />
< / script >< script >alert(123)< / script >
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use this for testing, admin:

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Guess what children! Assuming I didn\'t break something, cookies should actually save correctly now, and non-ASCII characters in your tripcode should work!
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What an amazing deal!

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