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Hi, Zeke! Does GO run directly as a CGI script? Is it better than PHP?

Looks cool, anyway.
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Gochan, at least on this system, runs its own HTTP daemon on a local interface, then nginx forwards requests to it. In theory, Gochan has FastCGI support over a TCP connection, but I have yet to try that.
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It can run using FastCGI (though it's a compiled program, not a script), or it can run as a standalone daemon like Spike said. Eventually, when I can trust it to do so without blowing things up, It'll be able to run as a daemon without requiring nginx, Apache, IIS, etc as a front end at all.

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wtf I love golang
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Have you played with it at all? It's super duper cool.


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Please post more everyone, we must test Gochan more!
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No, when I originally set up this machine 4 years ago I was trying to save RAM (it only had 256MB at first) and so installed the i386 version of Ubuntu 12.04
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What specifically requires testing?
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nobody really knows, it just needs to be posted to for good measure

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dice it splice it

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dice it splice it

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I didn't even look at the thumbnail tbqh.

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posting on hl3cha
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It says Episode Three, not Half-Life 3 :v

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just leik use lynxchan.
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LOL, my sentiments exactly!

Not to mention that this is way more fun to make something from scratch.
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Indeed. Every time I hear the word "lynxchan", it sounds less and less appealing.

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We're pretty much done with your shit, Pipes. As soon as banning works (it's like 3-4 lines away), you're going to be the first to go.
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So tell the truth, it's not about the revenues
It's about the music, makin' us into a better group.
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And now you should be able to post from any domain you can get to here from!
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Posting from gochan.org

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